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Dean and Lisa fans - community for Dean Winchester and Lisa Braeden relationship
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hey everyone!

welcome to dean&lisa fans
- community for dean winchester and lisa braeden relationship from the most amazing tw show supernatural. your mod is dzajnisko.

1. posts must include both dean&lisa (or jensen&cindy) not just dean (jensen) or just lisa (cindy). we like them together ;)

2. be nice to each other. this is supposed to be friendly lovely place, no drama and bashing. no one wants to get banned, or...?

3. if you‘re dean&lisa hater what are you doing here? this community is for appreciating and enjoying this relationship.

4. it‘s allowed to post graphic, fanfiction, videos... everything you have - as long as it has dean&lisa.

5. label fanfiction with proper ratings and warning, please.

6. no full-text fanfic (make a teaser, the rest under the cut.), no big pictures (make a thumbnail).

7. when you‘re posting graphic make a teasers - 3 icons are allowed, no more. make sure the teasers are relevant to dean&lisa.

8. tag your post. you can find all the tags here. if you think the important tag is missing, let me know and i will add it to the list as soon as possible.

9. don‘t change the font size, face or color of your post and don‘t disable comments.

if you have any questions or problems, contact me: dzajnisko.
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